Sound Healing Sessions

 Soundwave Journey

Are you looking to quiet the wagging tail in your mind? Are you considering options to let go of stress effortlessly and without side effects?

Clients will be guided in connecting to the power of breathwork and sound. Lay back and relax to the healing wave frequencies of Tibetan and Crystal sound bowls, chimes, bells, and gong. One only needs to be present. The beautiful waves of sound gently melt away stress and support an effortless state of calm and serenity. May also include rain stick, drums, and shakers. 

75 minute session $80 , couple and group rates available

Prone and Seated options available

Energy Cleanse and Renewal

Are you feeling stagnant and imbalanced? 

Are you considering making changes in your life? Are you in the process of transformation and feeling blocked? Are you exploring limiting thought patterns and evolving as your best version?

Cleanse and discharge stored, blocked energy in the body using a combination of breath and body awareness techniques infused with the healing wave frequencies of Tibetan sound bowls. Restore and renew energy with breath and intention charged with the amplified frequencies of crystal singing bowls. Feel the healing waves of sound. Awaken and embrace the healing powers of your own body. When we are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through our bodies and mind.

90 minute session $80 or 4 sessions for $280

Prone and Seated options available

Placement of bowls on body and movement may also be included

See calendar of events for monthly sound event

**Available for private corporate wellness, personal parties, recovery/trauma center events.

Contact us to schedule your session @ Pure Health by Andrea or private event.