About the company

About the Company

I imagined the space. I discovered and created my space to be.. to expand, nurture myself and grow. Radical life adventures afforded the opportunities to let go and declutter my being.

 The transformative events of life have allowed this time and space for us to connect and explore  the depths of our being in a safe space to be. Nature~~~ nature nurtures our being. 

Create the life experience you want. Love, joy, and happiness are only available at this moment.  Space4me2b believes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance allows us to flow in this world with ease and grace. Events allow participants the space to explore modalities of transformation. 

Amy’s adventures in life are expansive. She has been practicing yoga and surfing for over 25 years. Traveling throughout Central/North America and the Caribbean for surfing, volleyball, hiking, hydro-foiling, freediving and yoga/meditations has exposed Amy to a variety of life experiences and teachers. With over 22 years of  teaching experience, she creates sessions that help us explore our depths and nourish our core of individuality. Amy is a certified breathwork, meditation ,sound  healing, Makko Ho, and yoga practitioner. She holds a  BS degree in Social Sciences and is a 200 hour CYT. Member of the CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association .


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