Client Testimonials

" During my session with Amy, the soundwave vibrational frequencies opened up my heart chakra and I could feel more mental clarity. I had a loss in my life and I didn't realize I hadn't fully grieved. After my session, I was able to process and release the stored emotion." A.B. 

" Going through another life change I felt isolated, fearful, and could not leave my house comfortably. After my energy cleanse and renewal, I felt lighter and calm. There was a sense of peace in my mind. I was able to take the first step."  R.H.

"I had been experiencing overload in my body, mind, and spirit. I felt brain fog and sluggishness. During my session, sound enveloped and soothed my entire being. A profound experience which left me lighter and more connected to myself." JMP

"Amy is an incredible sound healer. I had a sound bath with her today and I feel fantastic! As a sound therapist myself, I can honestly say that my session with Amy was one of the best I have had. She is very knowledgeable and her intuition is right on the mark. She plays both her crystal and Tibetan bowls with calm precision. A sound healing session with Amy is awe inspiring." Nadine