Community in Unity Soundwave Journey

We’re all in this together!

Honor the power of community in unity and the philosophy of LOVE.

Community in Unity Soundwave Journey

Hosted by Space4me2b Certified Sound Healing Practitioner and Pure Health by Andrea Wellness Center

6-7PM upstairs @ Pure Health by Andrea

Every  1ST AND 3RD Wednesday of the month (October 18 is canceled due to a meeting)

What to expect: 

Participants will be guided in connecting to the power of breathwork and sound. Lay back and relax to the healing wave frequencies of Tibetan and Crystal sound bowls, chimes, bells, and gong. No experience is necessary. One only needs to be present. Bring a yoga mat or small blanket to lay on. 

***Arrive by 6pm, as the door is locked promptly.

*** I want this to be accessible to anyone that may benefit~~

    suggested donation of $25 or pay what you can.

During times of change and uncertainty, our minds may become preoccupied with thoughts and we may feel overwhelmed with emotions. A Soundwave Journey is an effortless way to quiet the busy mind.

Simply listening mindfully turns our busy beta brain waves into relaxed theta/alpha waves leading to the meditative state. Balancing our right and left hemispheres of the brain creates neural pathways increasing the ability for a relaxed state of being. When we relax the mind, the body will follow….

Vibrational healing with sound is an effective way of restoring the body to its normal frequency by elevating the vibration of cells. Sound and vibration engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is when the body is able to rest and digest.