My personal testimonial

If we are resigned to a routine that is not serving us, we are not able to fully serve others. Our intentions of what we actually want to achieve, experience, and express may be suppressed by our inner critic, self-sabotaging belief system, or people pleasing traits. 

In learning how to shine the light on my own shadows for healing, I discovered the power of sound wave frequencies in providing a total mind/body/spirit experience for tapping into conscious awareness. Simply listening mindfully turns our busy beta brain waves into relaxed theta/alpha waves leading to the meditative state. Balancing our right and left hemispheres of the brain creates neural pathways increasing the ability for a relaxed state of being. When we relax the mind, the body will follow. 

Hanging up my running shoes and no longer surfing at the ocean, coupled with radical emotional and physical  life changes has allowed me the opportunity to rid my body of built up fatigue; both physical and emotional. Since the body is composed primarily of water, and having the knowledge of sound healing,  I allowed myself the spaciousness for my healing journey which involved becoming a certified sound healing practitioner. Vibrational healing with sound is an effective way of restoring the body to its normal frequency by elevating the vibration of cells. Sound and vibration engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is when the body is able to heal itself.

A relaxed mind and body allows us to access authentic connection to our intuition, spirit, and pure consciousness! Using sound healing can help us engage with our WHOLE BEING- Mind, Body, and Spirit!

When we are able to accept and embrace our emotions, all of them-even the ones we dislike, we are better able to communicate from the heart!

Don’t stifle any emotion, strength comes in the difficulties we overcome. I used it all as fertilizer for growth and expansion. My challenging times helped my roots to grow deeper and my faith stronger.

As a 25+year surfer, I found the healing waves of sound resonating at a deep level with my being. When I was out of rhythm, I felt dis-ease and dis-harmony within. Vibrational sound healing, coupled with my intentions, addressed these imbalances and blockages in my energy channels. Sound deeply touched and transformed me. I am very excited to share the experience of sound healing with you!